Some cool pictures of the beamline

We snapped some colorful pictures of the x-ray footprinting hutch and beamline. The first is the interior of the hutch when an interlock is in progress. The red light warns people to get out of the hutch before the x-ray shutter opens. You can also see the shadow of the funnel and Erlenmeyer flask on the back wall: 
This second picture is of the fluorescent paint on the aperture mask: the pain glows green (and white) when the x-rays hit it, and the dark spot in the middle is where the x-rays (invisible) are going through the mask.
This third picture is the same as the first, except taken when the beam is on. You can see the x-ray beam as the purple line in the center - that is from the x-rays ionizing the nitrogen and oxygen molecules of air. The molecules lose that energy through flourescence, which is visible as blue and purple light. We enhanced the contrast of the photo to draw attention to the "purple beam" but at the beamline itself the purple line is clearly visible when you look through the hutch window.